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Cycling to Paradise ComedyFeature Length (80-120 pages)
Reckoning with Marlowe HistoricalPlay
The Soule Assassination HistoricalPlay
Aussie Aviators HistoricalTV Movie
The Plague in Florence HistoricalPlay
Czar Reed and the Punk HistoricalPlay
Vinegar Joe HistoricalFeature Length (80-120 pages)
Chungking Intrigues HistoricalFeature Length (80-120 pages)
Three Penglai Puzzlers MysteryTV Movie
That Team from Joes HistoricalFeature Length (80-120 pages)
The Gold Conspiracy MysteryTV Movie
The Sun Walkers DramaBook for Adaptation
The Sun Walkers DramaBook for Adaptation
Absence of Alice ComedyFeature Length (80-120 pages)
Lucy with the Truth ComedyFeature Length (80-120 pages)
Alferd ComedyFeature Length (80-120 pages)
The Fever DramaFeature Length (80-120 pages)
LBW FamilyFeature Length (80-120 pages)