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Absence of Alice An ensemble comedy about a family of famous musicians that celebrates all of the year’s holidays in one crazy weekend.ComedyGregg Stouffer
Alferd A western comedy based on the true story of Colorado legend Alferd Packer, the only man ever convicted of cannibalism and sentenced to die for “reducing the Demmycratic population of the state.”ComedyGregg Stouffer
Aussie Aviators The team of Parer and McIntosh fly home to Austraila after the First World WarHistoricalMarcus France
Chungking Intrigues The sequel to Vinegar Joe taking the Stilwell saga through all the political machinations up to and including the Cairo Conference in November 1943HistoricalMarcus France
Cycling to Paradise Blue collar amateurs attempt to produce a movieComedyMarcus France
Czar Reed and the Punk A turn of the Century Speaker of the House redeems a street kidHistoricalMarcus France
LBW Dreaming he could someday be a professional cricket player, a teenager wishes he lived anywhere but Colorado Springs.FamilyIvan Calhoun
Lucy with the Truth A romantic comedy that morphs into a political thriller about a couple who meet on election day and agree to tell nothing but lies to each other for the first 12 hours of their relationship.ComedyGregg Stouffer
Reckoning with Marlowe Christopher Marlowe, a pawn in an Elizabethan political struggle, is assassinatedHistoricalMarcus France
That Team from Joes In 1929, a high school basketball team from the tiny crossroads of Joes, Colorado wins the state championship.HistoricalMarcus France
The Fever After the Civil War, two impressionable young lovers seeking adventure and fortune, leave a comfortable life in Philadelphia and journey west into the unknown wilderness to encounter overwhelming adversity.DramaPete Ellinwood
The Gold Conspiracy Di Renjie celebrates passing the Imperial examinations with friends in a teahouse on the outskirts of the Capitol city. He proceeds to Shandong Province, his first posting. A suspicious murder leads to the uncovering of a currency manipulation led by one of his classmates at the teahouse. This is the first case in the career of the legendary sleuth, Judge Dee.MysteryMarcus France
The Soule Assassination Silas Soule pays the ultimate price for telling the truth about the Sand Creek MassacreHistoricalMarcus France
The Sun Walkers Shamanic visions passed down in an ancient bloodline tear apart the lives of an autistic teen and her son who live in the  shadows of a mysterious mountain in the OzarksDramaGWYNNE STANKER
Three Penglai Puzzlers The great Tang Dynasty sleuth, Judge Dee, solves three crimes at his first posting, Penglai, on the Shandong PeninsulaMysteryMarcus France
Vinegar Joe After the disastrous Burma campaign of 1942, General Joseph W. Stilwell leads a group of survivors safely to IndiaHistoricalMarcus France